The Real Truth About 7G Radiation and its Ionising Effects on our Bodies, and its Direct Correlation to the Corona Virus.

What is 7G, its the broadcast radiation between 300ghz and 770thz from outland sources being beamed into our bodies and in enough concentration can raise body temperatures to a roasting hot 5,800 degrees kelvin.

FACTOID 1: 7G at 300ghz is the principal cause of corneal burn, cataract and at high concentrations, extreme heating of body surface, basically being *ultra* microwaved! In various parts of the world 7G irradiation is directly and indirectly responsible for suffocation, hallucinations, dehydration and death.

FACTOID 2: 7G micro-transmitters have been installed en mass in sports stadiums, highways, suburban streets and even at a lower extent throughout every home without anyone being told about its ionising radiation effects (of course, at high enough concentrations), even in countries like China, Korea, Italy, Iran, many other countries now affected by the Corona virus and even not affected by the Corona Viruses.

FACTOID 3: 7G has billions more wave frequencies assigned to it than 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G combined. Technology once restricted just to lasers are now being installed in all of our homes that emit 7G ionising thermal radiation. Ranging from cold, day and warm thermal radiation. In high enough concentrations can result in photochemical & thermal retinal injury.

7G should really be called 300G not 7G.

7G thermal radiation emitted in the 385–750 THz range have been seen covering much of Australia throughout the summer periods, partly responsible for the deaths of half a billion animals.

7G at 750–950 THz is the primary cause of photo-chemical cataract, erythema, including pigmentation.

The amount of 7G radiation intercepted by our bodies varies inversely with the square of the distance between the 7G irradiator/transmitter and our bodies. The total insolation over a year remains almost constant due to Kepler’s second law,

Where A is the “areal velocity” invariant.

7G effect on plant genomes
Elevated solar 7G-UV-B doses increase the frequency of DNA recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana and tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants. The level of terrestrial broadcase 7G-B radiation likely affects genome stability in plants. This of course sounds really bad.

7G Direct Negative Causal Effect on Human Body Natural Pathogens
The human body has millions of patho-genical micro-organisms that are directly and negatively affected by even low levels of 7G radiation.

7G And The Corona Virus
Mutagens can cause changes to the DNA and are therefore genotoxic. And as we know, the corona virus is a mutated virus, or in other words, has been effected by mutagens. In enough concentration 7G is the worlds greatest Mutagen. 7G has then had a hand in the mutation of SARS_CoV_1 to become SARS_CoV_2.

Need More Proof?
Epidemiological data shows that people who have had regular exposure to 7G ionising radiation, or in other words, have been *irradiated* by 7G, have a much greater disration of high blood pressure and cardiovascular-related mortality. This again sounds really bad.

Last night, the principal 7G transmitter in Asia was shut down!

Last night, the principal 7G transmitter in Asia was shut down!

Last night, the principal 7G transmitter in Asia was shut down!

Last night, the principal 7G transmitter in Asia was shut down!

Is There Hope?
The good news is that most Maori, and all people of colour have a natural resistance to extremely high emission 7G radiation, for the rest of you, wear sunscreen or stay indoors, keep your pants on, don’t use sunlamps or sunbeds because sunlight (7G) at high concentrations will burn your arse!

Kaati noa ra,
Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara
(He uri o Tamanuitera (and author of this parody))