Pareto Security PHP Core Security Class

Protect your wordpress user inputs from the usual array of attack vectors

Had enough of the security theatre presented by the raft of WordPress security plugins? Time to put a stop to the attacks!

Firstly WordPress and most other CMS’s are built using PHP. PHP is a very insecure programming language, even worse in the hands of amateurs.

WordPress has been plagued by plugins authored by amateurs that bring with them security vulnerabilities.

Security plugin designers mostly focus on cleaning up attacks rather than stopping them dead in their tracks.

Pareto Security class acts as a Central Security Hub checking all inputs from users, preventing bad requests from executing on your website.

* Real Attack Prevention that can be achieved via a plugin
* Automatic Blacklist Management
* Easy-To-Use
* No customisation needed
* Works silently, you only get notified when you really want to be notified
* Completely Free
* and much more…

* Pareto Security Protection identifies and blocks malicious traffic.
* Pareto Security Protection dynamic IP Blacklist protects your site while reducing load.
* Protects your site at the entry-point, disabling attack peneration of your WordPress site.
* Extends WordPress inbuilt security, defends your website against vulnerabilities added in via bad plugin coding.

* Monitor blocked attack attempts
* Optionally receive notifications of *REAL* attack attempts that Pareto Security has blocked

A Word on Security
By the very nature of plugins:

  • No plugin should ever claim to be a Web Application Firewall.
  • No security plugin can save your website from really-really badly written site, theme and/or plugin code.
  • No security plugin can save your site from attacks that result from when administrators do not follow basic security practices.

Keeping any CMS as secure as possible is not easy. The very best thing you can do to prevent attacks is to always keep your website code, themes and plugins up to date, and remove any plugins and themes you are not using.

See for extended description of advanced features.

Download Options:

Option 1: Install from WordPress via your admin dashboards Plugins section

Option 2: Download directly from WordPress –