Author: Te Rangikaiwhiria

  • The Real Truth About 7G Radiation and its Ionising Effects on our Bodies, and its Direct Correlation to the Corona Virus.

    What is 7G, its the broadcast radiation between 300ghz and 770thz from outland sources being beamed into our bodies and in enough concentration can raise body temperatures to a roasting hot 5,800 degrees kelvin. FACTOID 1: 7G at 300ghz is the principal cause of corneal burn, cataract and at high concentrations, extreme heating of body […]

  • Encrypted Pastebin PoC

    === Tuhimunatanga === Tangata Haututu: @te_taipo Herenga PHP: 7.2 Tenei Putanga: 1.0.0 Raihana: GPLv2 Paewhakaata o te Raihana: He whakaaturanga o tetehi whakapiri hei haumaru papatono-taupangatanga Mihi atu nei ki a Karaitiana Taiuru mo tona papakupu o nga kupu aa-kaupapa Maori, o te rorohiko me te paapaaho paapori: == Whakaaturanga == Ahuatanga […]

  • A Quick Look into 8 Chan – IP Map

    8 Chan is hosted in Reno, USA at N.T Technology In. They employ a range of servers to host 8chan including a mail server, a mirroring server, and various mirror servers. 8 Chan are a service that masquerades as a free-speech platform but in reality is purpose built to recruit, train and mobilise ethno-nationalist and […]

  • Why you should ditch Cloudflare

    Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pass-through service. Apart from some terrible security practices, (for example even if you use SSL certificates [https://], Cloudflare can see your passwords), Cloudflare also does the following: Shields criminal webmasters by hiding their IP address from the public. The example most on our minds at the […]

  • Twitter Abuse Blocklist

    Archived here: This began as an experiment to see how blocking the follow list of a known racist troll would affect their ability to amplify their attacks out to their wider network. The user in question (account now suspended) was @MaorisN. After scraping the Twitter IDs of the followers list, these accounts were first […]

  • Pareto Security :: Description of features

    Below is a description of the advanced features of Pareto Security listed in the Advanced settings of the dashboard. As stated, it is best not to use these features unless you know a thing or two about web security. 99% of what Pareto Security does, it does in its default settings therefore you do not […]